13 6 / 2013

So I run about 4 days a week and recently I have been having pain in my left calf. It gets super tight and sore, I can walk on it fine but as soon as I pick up running again it’s sore. Anyone one have any tips to help this? Maybe some new pre-running stretches, or maybe there is something I can eat or drink to help. 

I was told when I played basketball and tennis in high school I would have tendentious for the rest of my life, but this doesn’t feel like that does.

Also I have super shitty knees- always have (total pain in the ass when you are an equestrian/jumper) but are there any like heat rubs or after run things anyone does to help ease knee pain?

  1. lovelytrees answered: just strech your calf and eat bannans before and after work outs
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